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The 7 Steps in EPS, guarantee the quality of our supplies and meet your special needs.



Our brilliant team of designers are responsible for creating the concept, design and the details. We will ensure that our customers are pleased with our designs before the start of the manufacturing process of any product. They work behind the scenes to determine the features, appearance, materials and ergonomics of our numerous products to your best fit. Our creative designers will guarantee that your booth space and exhibition products will be one of a kind, and as well as being the centre of attention at any exhibition you attend.


We are one of the most innovative leaders within this industry, encompassing in excel printing techniques to achieve the highest and richest quality. Our products are in the nest quality, comprising of illuminating colours, produced by utilizing the latest technology of large format digital textile printers that can print graphics up to 10ft wide. 


We offer manufactures exhibition booths, hanging signs and aluminium display frames of any imaginable sizes and shapes for your trade shows, conventions or retail spaces. Our dedicated and passionate team can design and build anything that you imagine. We have a full team of engineers and designers at your service to work with you, from the beginning of the concept sketches to the perfection of the ne nished product. Our goal is to ensure the concept that you have imagined would come to life though our designs. 


Our sewing technicians are highly experienced in working all types of fabric. Our expertise is customization for our customers. All illustrative prints are delivered in high quality and detailed-oriented. 


EPS offers extraordinary welding services to complete the aluminum frame system. You can have distinctive display frames, as we join aluminum frames together with technique. We deliver this high-tech procedure to guarantee that your product is secure and durable for your exhibition needs.

Powder coating

Powder coating is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder on the metal frames. The color of the frame can be customized to any color that suits your needs. The smooth finish is far more scratch resistant than normal paint. Also, this is far more durable and long-lasting. 


We specialize in installing tradeshow booth and retail displays. We have expertise in installing everything we specialized in custom making. We offer excellent hands-on installation to ensure products are properly set up. We can install at any location such as: retail stores, trade show floor, wedding venues, etc. Our mission is to make it simple for you. Installers will assist you in installing, dismantling and packing your exhibit no matter what size or complexity. Leave it all to us and you will be sure to be in good hands. 

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